August-20-2021: The benchmark toolkit and code will be released at github .
August-18-2021: The benchmark website is online.
July-23-2021: Our GREW paper is accepted by ICCV 2021.
What is GREW ?
The GREW dataset is the first large-scale dataset for gait recognition in the wild.
constructed from natural videos, which contains hundreds of cameras and thousands of hours streams in open systems.
26,345 subjects, 128,671 sequences, 14,185,478 human boxes and a distractor set contains 233,857 sequences.
Silhouettes, Gait Energy Images (GEIs) , optical flow, 2D and 3D poses by automatical processing
Zheng Zhu*
Tsinghua University, XForwardAI Technology
Xianda Guo*
XForwardAI Technology
Tian Yang
XForwardAI Technology
Junjie Huang
XForwardAI Technology
Jiankang Deng
Imperial College London
Guan Huang
XForwardAI Technology
Dalong Du
XForwardAI Technology
Jiwen Lu
Tsinghua University
Jie Zhou
Tsinghua University
Please cite the following paper if GREW is useful to your research:
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